Tailltiu Rowland
Reign Style 14th century English 14th century English
Preferred Titles Her Majesty / Queen His Majesty / King
Home group Mordenvale Mordenvale
Personal Heraldry <Per fess engrailed Or and azure, in pale a kingfisher volant wings addorsed azure sustaining a fish in annulo biting its own tail argent> <Per chevron inverted argent and azure, in chief a magpie displayed proper, a bordure counter changed.>
Preferred Colours Autumnal colours: russets, browns, warm reds and yellows, greens, warm purples. Dove grey, olive green, pumpkin orange, Ulysses butterfly blue, plum skin purple and flesh yellow are a few of her Majesties preferred colours Blue
Food and Beverage Preferences Omnivorous in general but avoids very creamy sauces on savouries and syrupy-sugar based confections. Loves summer fruit – particularly nectarines, cherries and fresh mango. Also pickles and chutney. Preference for Dark chocolate over milk. Loves good firm-fleshed fish like barramundi and swordfish. Not a cordial or soft-drinker, nor an alcohol drinker, though will try an occasional sip of something to know the flavour and is not against it in cooking. Likes Pickles and vinegary things. A good mix of salad/veg with the meals. Generally willing to try new and different foods. Does enjoy meats and starches. Drinks mainly Cider but only in small amounts. Prefers milk chocolate over dark.
Foods to Avoid See Above Doesn’t like Aniseed or liquorice. Has a definite distaste for UHT milk.
Medical needs and Allergies None None
Gifts Practical items are best. Or gifts to be on-gifted to the populous. There is a nice Japanese saying: “The best gifts are those which disappear” ie: are small, useful, consumable and don’t take up long term space. Useful things.
Other Preferences Not fond of strong floral aromas. Likes spices and woody aromas but not *very* strong.
How they take their Coffee Her Majesty is a social coffee drinker and generally wouldn’t have more than two coffees in a week. Tea is her thing – loose leaf by preference, Irish breakfast if in a bag. Smokey black teas are enjoyed. In the morning it’s black tea with a spot of milk, through the day she prefers loose leaf green tea: sencha, maicha, or shincha. Also Houjicha or Mugicha – she is happy to bring her own to share if it makes organisation easier. Not at all fond of T2 teas- their green tea tends to be old and their flavoured teas overly FLAVOURED.r White with one sugar (and usually has 2 cups a day)
Little things that make a difference Cool Fruit tissanes through the middle of the day available for herself and attendants would be lovely.