Who is the Keeper of Regalia?

Countess Elizabeth de Foxle – email

What does the Keeper of Regalia do?

This is a Lesser Kingdom officer working closely with the Crown.  Essentially, the Keeper maintains the Kingdom regalia and ensures that the regalia passes from one reign to the next in good condition.  For example, the Keeper will need to arrange the cleaning of Crowns or repair of the Cloaks by appropriate craftspeople when necessary.  On rare occassions, the Keeper will be required to facilitate retiring of defunct regalia and the purchase of new pieces through the Council of Regalia.

As well as the normal duties of a Kingdom office (see Corpora), the Keeper is charged with ensuring that the Council for Regalia meets once each reign, and reporting to the appropriate offices once per reign.

Finally, the Keeper of Regalia assists and facilitates the research, design, purchase and maintenance of such Kingdom of Lochac award tokens as directed by the Crown.

What does the Kingdom of Lochac Regalia consist of?

The Kingdom of Lochac Regalia encompasses:

  • Kingdom Crowns
  • Kingdom Signet Rings
  • Cloaks of State
  • Sword of State


It also includes the:

  • Coronets (the original Principality of Lochac’s Coronets)
  • Prince and Princess Chains


Other items, such as the Great Seal of State, are also technically part of Regalia, but are maintained by the appropriate Kingdom officers.

Images of the Kingdom of Lochac Regalia and some of the awards maintained by the Keeper of Regalia can be found in these pages.