Royal Preferences, Allergies and Food

Reign Style

Hellenic – Ancient Greek

Home Group


Personal Heraldry

His Majesty – Per chevron sable and gules, three mullets one and two Or, and a sword proper.
Her Majesty – Gules, a horse rampant Or within a bordure erminois


Royal reign colours are Red & Blue

Food & Beverage Preferences

Can’t Eat (Allergies):none Dislikes:Her Majesty prefers to avoid pork products (other than bacon);His Majesty prefers to avoid sweet & savoury flavours together – ie, meat & fruit together. Preferred Food:Roast meats Preferred Drinks:Cider & sweet beverages.

Other Preferences

Likes:Their Majesties both particularly enjoy combat & pageantry. Would like (i.e. useful gifts):Small tokens that can be used for showing Their appreciation