Royal Preferences, Allergies and Food

Reign Style

13th Century Mongol Empire

Home Group


Personal Heraldry

Kinggiyadai: Azure, three billets paly argent and sable one and two each supporting an ancient crown Or
Altani: Azure, in pale three otters statant within a bordure embattled argent


Blue, White, Black, Red

Food & Beverage Preferences

Can’t Eat (Allergies):none Dislikes:Kinggiyadai: Eggplant, Tofu. Is very cautious about fish at events.Altani: Meat dishes with fruit in them and vice versa. Preferred Food:Kinggiyadai: Protein encapsulated in carbohydrate: pies, sandwiches, dumplings, scotch eggs etc.
Jerky (meat especially, but non-meat is good too)
Preferred Drinks:Kinggiyadai: non-alcoholic. Tea (black, never Earl/Lady Grey)

Altani: non-alcoholic drinks. Tea (white, never Earl/Lady Grey). Coffee (weak skim latte)

Other Preferences

Likes / Dislikes:

To be contemplated.

Would like (i.e. useful gifts):

Anything that will survive contact with children (ages 5 and 2).
Bags, pouches.