Alain Quartier Safiya bint ‘Abd al-Shahid
Reign Style 12th Century Norman 12th Century Norman
Prefered Titles His Majesty, King Her Majesty, Queen
Home Group St Florian de la Riviere St Florian de la Riviere
Personal Heraldry Argent, a horse rampant contourny and on a chief azure three mullets argent.

Argent, on a bend sinister cotised gules three cinquefoils palewise argent.

Preferred Colours Blue & White Lochac colours
Food and beverage preferences Enjoys almost everything food wise. Beer and cider is lovely, but in small amounts. Predominately drinks water through the day, enjoys a cup of tea or coffee in the morning, white with none. Enjoys almost everything, and especially enjoys trying new and exciting period recipes. Likes both tea and coffee – strong with a strong amount of milk and one sugar.
Foods to avoid Brussel sprouts (not allergic) Peanuts and kiwi fruit (allergic)
Medical needs and Allergies None. Moderate allergy to peanuts and kiwi fruit. Self-managed, we just need to know what dishes they are in
Gifts Largesse for the populace. Please keep in mind weight limits as we will often be flying to events, so small useful gifts are best.