Also see the Royal Visit kit and the 42nd Crown Resources page.

EventHost GroupDate(s)Who
SG Baronial AnniversaySouthron Gaard25 March, 2023Both, as P&P
SG Monthly TourneySouthron Gaard2 AprilBoth, as P&P
Rowany FestivalRowany14-18 AprilBoth, as P&P
Autumn GatheringHinterland DownsApril 25HRH Katherine
Autumn CoronationPolitarchopolis6-7 May, AS58Both
Gildenwick CollegiumGildenwick12-14 MayQueen Katherine
Western RaidsDragons Bay2-5 JuneQueen Katherine
SG Monthly TourneySouthron Gaard4 JuneKing Ratbot
Great Northern WarSt Florian de la Riviere9-11 JuneBoth
Mordenvale Midwinter & Baronial
Mordenvale1-2 JulyBoth
Winter SoireeDismal Fogs3 JulyQueen Katherine
WinterSouthYnys Fawr7-9 JulyQueen Katherine
Southron Gaard YuleHinterland Downs15-16 JulyKing Ratbot
Ildhafn 20thIldhafn21-23 JulyBoth
An Evening in GranadaSouthron Gaard19 AugustQueen Katherine
Darton AnniversaryDarton25-27 AugustBoth
Spring Crown TournamentAdora2-3 SeptemberBoth
Firey Knights IVSouthron Gaard9 SeptemberBoth
Wildmoor & Frostheath A&S and FeastWildmoor/Frostheath23 SeptemberQueen Katherine
Spring WarMordenvale29 Sept to 2 OctBoth
Black and White AmusementStormhold2 OctQueen Katherine
An Evening with His MajestyRiver Haven4 OctKing Ratbot
A Royal Welcome to Our HearthKrae Glas5 OctQueen Katherine
A Royal Retreat of Art and ValourInnilgard6-8 OctoberBoth
A Wee Highland FlingSouthron Gaard14 OctoberBoth
Labour Weekend camp at
Braythwayte Manor
Cluain20 to 22 OctoberQueen Katherine
Bal d'ArgentAneala28-29 OctoberQueen Katherine
SG Monthly TourneySouthron GaardNovember 5Both
Spring CoronationRowany11 NovemberBoth