The information in the Tables 1 – 6 has been distilled from Society Corpora, the Laws of Lochac, the Lochac Book of Ceremonies, historical notes and current information as of December 2006. See also Canon Lore.

Please note this is NOT a definitive list of all regalia, awards badges or tokens, only of the items that the Keeper of the Regalia is required to maintain. Orders such as the Lochac Company of Archers, or Order of the White Scarf and awards such as the Grant of Arms and Award of Arms have their own badges, tokens and/or scrolls which come under the care and maintenance of other officers.

The tokens and badges shown here are the most recent incarnation of each award. The graphic elements of each token generally do not change. However, the precise size, materials etc of the token may vary over time. As an example, two variants of the medallion worn by members of the Order of the Pelican are shown. They contain the same elements of the pelican piercing her breast, but very different styles.

Links to the relevant sections where total listings, relevant offices, and explicit and useful sites have been provided below each table.

Note: if you are able to supply an image with a black background of any of the items not shown, please contact the Keeper of the Regalia. Thank you!

Table 1: Kingdom of Lochac Regalia

Image Description History
 crown-king King of Lochac Crown
 crown-queen Queen of Lochac Crown
 ring-king King of Lochac Signet ring
 ring-queen Queen of Lochac Signet ring
King of Lochac Cloak Worshipful Guild of Broiderers of Lochac
Queen of Lochac Cloak Worshipful Guild of Broiderers of Lochac
 sword-of-state-hilt Sword of State
 coronet-prince Prince of Lochac Coronet Formerly coronet for the Prince of the Principality of Lochac
 coronet-princess Princess of Lochac coronet Formerly coronet for the Princess of the Principality of Lochac
 chain Prince & Princess of Lochac Chains Gift of the King and Queen of the West

Table 1A: Required Ephemeral Crown Tournament Regalia




Champions Wreath A wreath of rosemary bound with Red, white and blue ribbons Wreath presented to the victor on the Field by the king
Champions Wreath for the consort A wreath of rosemary bound with Red, white and blue ribbons Wreath presented to the consort by the Victor
Wreath of Chivalry A wreath of rosemary bound with White ribbons Presented by the King for chivalry on the field
Wreath of Valour A wreath of rosemary bound with Red ribbons Presented by the King for valour on the field


  • Matching wreaths for the Consorts for the Wreath of Chivalry and Valour.
  • Further: Wreath of rosemary bound with blue ribbons for the Heir to the Champion of the Day, and a wreath for his consort.

Table 2: Kingdom of Lochac Royal Peerage and other Ranks


Rank or Peerage


 territorialbarony Territorial Baron and Baronness (6 points with Baronial device elements incorporated) Current ruling Baron and Baroness of a Barony
 county Count/Earl and Countess (embattled) Completed one Reign as King and Queen of Lochac
 duke duchess Duke and Duchess (strawberry leaves) Completed two reigns as King and Queen of Lochac
Plain links of gold Chain, white plain Belt, spurs Order of Chivalry Knight; chivalry, valour and prowess on the field
 laurel Order of the Laurel Achievement in the Arts and Sciences
 pelican Order of the Pelican Service to the Realm

Table 3: Kingdom of Lochac Armigerous Awards




 courtbarony Court barony (low coronal and 6 points) Offered to those the Crown wishes to honor
 log Lochac Order of Grace.Favour depicting Gules, a hind Courant Or between three mullets of six points argent. Once per reign as chosen by their Majesties to that person having displayed courtesy, dignity and gracious in spirit and thought.
 gildedlily Order of the Golden Lily Given for achievement in the arts and sciences.
 hastabelli Order of the Golden sword (Spear of War)Formerly Hasta Belli Given for achievement in the field of Heavy fighting
 tear Order of the Golden tear Given for substantial and unobtrusive service to the Kingdom
Torse and mantling Order of the Miles Regni Militia combat
 nock Order of the Nock Given for achievement in the field of archery. The award is presented on a red ribbon for target archery, and on a green ribbon for missile combat.
None at this time Order of the Rapier Rapier combat

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Table 4: Non-Armigerous Kingdom of Lochac Awards




 mouseguard Mouse Guard Given to children between the ages of 4 and 13 who have been thoughtful and helpful to the Crown and the Kingdom.
 prixjongleur Order de Prix Jongleur Given for performances that consistently entertain the populace of the Kingdom
Order of Prometheus Excellence of Teaching
 rowan Order of the Rowan: Cinquefoil per pale vert and argent Exceptional and consistent grace and courtesy to all
Personal to the King and Queen Royal Cyphers Given to those people who have been thoughtful and helpful to the Crown during their reign
 shininghelm Order of the Silver HelmFormerly order of the Shining Helm Given to those combatants who consistently present an attractive and period appearance on the field of combat
 southerncross Order of the Cross of LochacFormerlySouthern Cross Given to recognize service to the Kingdom by those who are not citizens of Lochac

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