Date Event Host Group
29th Sept to 2nd Oct Spring War XXVIII Mordenvale
21 October 2023 Spring Hunt Politarchopolis
11 November 2023 Spring Coronation Rowany
24-26 November 2023 Fields of Gold XI Politarchopolis
9th December 2023 Stormhold’s 35th Birthday Stormhold
20-28th January 2024 Canterbury Faire Southron Gaard
10th Feb 2024   St Valentines Rose Tourney Torlyon
16th-18th Feb 2024 Borderwar Borderscros
2nd March 2024 Rhythm and Brews Mordenvale
9th March 2024 Rowany Newcomers Rowany
15-17 March 2024 Autumn Crown Tournament Ildhafn
23 March 2024 Royal Archery Tournament Politarchopolis
14th-23rd April 2024 Festival Rowany
3-5 May 2024 Autumn Coronation Southron Gard


This itinerary will be updated as more events are added.

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