King Queen
SCA names Aonghus mac Griogair mhic Raghnaill Ginevra Lucia Di Namoraza
Legal Name Nathan Merritt Carina Merritt
Preferred Titles King  Queen
Home Group Politarchopolis Politarchopolis
Persona Culture/ period 10th Century Viking Rus 10th Century Viking- Gotland
Food/Dietary Requirements Likes: Meat, Charcuterie, Cheese, Nuts Likes: French foods, Meat, Charcuterie, Cheeses
Dislikes: offal, minted peas, honeyed carrots, sweet pickles/gherkins, meat pies with fruit in them Dislikes: Turnips, Fish, Spicy Foods
Beverage Preferences Likes: Beer (IPAs, Red ales, porters), tea (black, no sugar), coke no sugar, coffee (flat white, no sugar), meads Likes: Sweet ciders, tea (milk, no sugar), coke
Dislikes: Sweet alcoholic drinks Dislikes: Artificial sweeteners
Interests/ Enjoys Combat of all types Archery, Pageantry, Games, Glass making
Dislikes Loooong stories, Loooong courts  Loooong courts
Medical Needs/Allergies Allergies: mild allergy to lavender  None
Heraldry Gules, a sword Or between two badgers combatant argent marked sable. Quarterly azure and argent, a mermaid Or tailed vert crined gules sustaining and surmounted by a trident bendwise Or, in chief three domestic cats sejant counterchanged.
Colours Black, Yellow and Red Blue and white
Personal Symbols Badger Mermaid
Reign Theme 10th Century Viking Swedish/Rus


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